Zieliński Project

Birth of the “Zieliński Project”

   It all began in autumn 2009, when I decided to give rise to a new artistic project that took the shape of an orchestra and was called the Perfect Girls and Friends Orchestra. My Orchestra, I use this term consciously, because we are dealing with a completely “private” orchestra, it was supposed to be an artistic project, filling the void created after the complete ruination of entertainment orchestras, operating in recent years under the patronage of mainly Polish Radio and Television. Pretty quickly, because in June 2010 the PGnF Orchestra had its debut on the stage of the Amphitheater in Płock, accompanying the band Perfect in the concert “Perfect Symphonic”. From that moment, PGnF began operating on the domestic music market, depending on the project, undergoing metamorphoses associated with the composition, mainly quantitative, as regards members of the Orchestra. We played with Perfect, we recorded the album “Chopin Symphony Jazz Project”, with outstanding Polish actors we created the Gala Concert of the Review of Actor’s Song in Wrocław (2013), we represented Poland at Tour de Pologne 2013 in Italy, EXPO Milan 2015, etc. Until 2017 came…

   That same year I was invited by Maryla Rodowicz to participate in a special concert that was to take place at the National Polish Song Festival in Opole. Maryla asked me for some arrangements for the concert, conducting the concert and employing my orchestra. Preparations began at the beginning of April, because the Festival was announced for June, and finally took place in September 2017. Already in preparation, I decided to change the name of the Orchestra, which in its new sound – “Zieliński Project” – in my opinion from the very first moments indicates its relationship with me and my music projects. Yes, here the orchestra has started its new life. In Opole, we had the opportunity to accompany Doda, this cooperation was effective and fruitful for both sides. After less than a year, Doda proposed to extend our cooperation, which resulted in the recording of the album “Doda – Dorota” released in January 2019, and thus, to start concert cooperation. We played several concerts together.

   Currently, with my “Zieliński Project” Orchestra, I have prepared a new project “ABBA’s Music Orchestrally”, which premiered on December 14, 2019 in Toruń (CKK Jordanki), thanks to the FANTOM MEDIA concert agency in the persons of Iza and Michał Kapuściarz.

Wojciech Zieliński
February 2020