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Krzysztof Herdzin answers for 21 questions

…”Heart of Spider” by Wojtek Zieliński is also great – I wish it had been advertised in the media. With such successful compositions, realization and the participation of a star cast

(H. Miśkiewicz, Fazi, P. Wojtasik, Z. Wegehaupt, C. Konrad, T. Szukalski, K. Barcik and others) should be met with great reception from critics and listeners.


Heart of Spider – Gitara i bas

Performers who practice such style are rare on the Polish market. So if you are fans of aesthetic, soul-funky, a bit ethnic playing, and sometimes loose, with room for improvisation, then “Spider’s Heart” is for you …

Source: Gitara i bas

Heart of Spider – Muzyk

Therefore, it is not surprising that the album as a whole is a significant project on our market, with excellent musical and technical refinement, deserving special promotion. You really listen to it with great satisfaction.

Source: Muzyk (Piotr Kałużny)